An unofficial 20th anniversary of Giant Robot magazine post

The 20 Years Art + Mag and SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot shows at GR2 and the Oakland Museum of California, respectively, are coming up soon and Eric has assembled stellar lineups that boast many of the biggest-name artists who have appeared in the magazine and galleries. So many familiar faces, such great talent. The twentieth anniversary celebrations of Giant Robot’s first issue will be a blast, and I hope that some of you are able to attend them.

While I have not been involved in either event in any manner—art galleries and art shows are for artists not editors, I understand—I’d like to recall some other folks who were essential to my favorite magazine’s 16 years of publication.

Of course, the brilliant Pryor Praczukowski tirelessly and impeccably color-balanced practically every image that ran in Giant Robot, while my eventual wife Wendy Lau designed every gorgeous issue from 18 through 68, the final edition. They both moonlighted at GR and spent countless late nights and weekends with me in Eric’s garage accompanied by our ever-changing and always dedicated corps of volunteer copy editors during deadlines. Susan Cho, Hane C. Lee, Alexia Montibon-Larsson, Deanne Oi, Shelly Niimi, and Brian Tse immediately come to mind as all-star mistake finders who toiled for cookies and perhaps even a meal. Among the many excellent interns, the heroic trio of Michael Kai Louie, Joe Stillwater, and Pat Tsai was particularly memorable, as was Christine Kim. I don’t know how many times I asked Ben Clark to come out with me to shoot great photos under the most rinky-dink conditions. And what can be said about the enigmatic Bill Poon? I still make a point to hang out with the latter two guys all the time.

Although our advertising department always managed to do a lot with very little, I especially enjoyed working with Lisa Mouse, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, and Margaux Elliott (who all have lovely children now). We had the support of many great advertisers, but I still can’t believe Hook-Ups grabbed every single back cover starting with issue 4.

While I went over each word that was printed and developed our editorial style and voice—and accept blame for all the typos—it’s impossible for me to recall everyone who ever helped out since the cut-and-paste, staple-and-fold days in Eric’s bedroom at his parents’ pad in Brentwood. Since I had a full-time job editing textbooks for McGraw-Hill and was working on Giant Robot as a hobby for the first 20 issues or so, I wasn’t able to spend time with every participant until the original retail shop took off. That’s when Eric told me I could stop looking for a day job and start getting a small paycheck from Giant Robot. What a cool moment that was.

Editing Giant Robot really was a dream position. I felt like I was contributing to culture, got to write whatever I wanted, and not only worked exclusively with friends but made an army of new ones who do the most creative things possible. It was really hard to let go when the magazine was no longer financially viable for Robot Factory, Inc. At least I can be a way better husband and parent now that I’m working sane hours elsewhere, although I still contribute to the GR website whenever I come across something worthy of the brand and its followers.

To commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the magazine’s launch, I have dug into my dusty set of back issues and compiled the names of the writers, artists, photographers, designers, copy editors, and interns that have contributed over the years. We didn’t print a masthead until issue 12, so it’s possible that I missed a few. I apologize. I might have typed some names twice, too. Oops. But the list is quite impressive, nonetheless. In addition to recognizing noteworthy artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, pro skaters, and journalists in there, sharp eyes will find ex-girlfriends, as well. A flood of fond memories emerged for me while typing (or mistyping) names and if you happen to find yours among them, I hope you have fond ones, too. That goes for the cursory and even estranged supporters as much as Eric, Cate, and the crew that still flies the flag on Sawtelle. Everyone.


Mike Idemoto, Lynn Padilla, Daria Yudacufski, Minju Pak, Yvonne Ng, Jeff Briggs, Makoto Nakayama, Kim Yutani, Vicki Berndt, Rita Yoon, Pryor Praczukowski, Trang Lai, Ted Lai, Nikos Constant, Heeyeon Chang, Beth Accomando, Ron Kane, Greg Wong, Robert Ito, Tanya O., Rop Vasquez, I.H. Kuniyuki, Ken Kawamura, Wing Ko, J. Grant Brittain, Anthony Acosta, Jon Moritsugu, Jay Bain, Manami Kano, Julie Shiroishi, Katie McQuerry, D.M. 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