Asiana Crash Video Shows Chinese Teen Victim

Now facing a wrongful death lawsuit, you can see the Chinese teen, Ye Meng Yuan reportedly alive before the firetrucks arrive. No vitals checked, and they assume she’s dead. After foaming the entire area, she was run over twice. Don’t they need to place a simple flag or something in place when they think there’s a “dead body”? Haven’t firefighters thought of this before? You can hear the audio, “Whoa whoa whoa, stop stop, there’s a body here”. You see the firefighters place a yellow sheet on her body after the fact. Shouldn’t they have at least done that first? Or back to vital signs, don’t they need to check that before they claim a person is dead? It was a hectic moment and negligence? Yes. Absolutely. This will change how first responders deal with a situation. The bad thing is that help might take longer and we’ll complain about that when that happens.