Gift Ideas for the Beauty Conscious

Some holiday gift ideas for the beauty conscious in your life, or for the people who are into weird body appliances to do… stuff with…. These items are all available at Japan Trend Shop. Although, if you aren’t looking to seriously frighten your friends and family, do your holiday shopping at Giant Robot instead.

There’s Face Yoga, and then there are these tools to aid you – maybe more like Face Pilates.


This is the Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece. It’s like a Thigh Master for your face. The manufacturer recommends using it for three minutes a day. Practice pronouncing vowels and work your way to a slimmer, firmer face.

Your loved ones may enjoy the Pupeko Anti-Ageing Mouthpiece. This utilizes breathing exercises through a restricted airway to help you tone and tighten those sagging face muscles. Puff your cheeks as you force air out of the mouthpiece and suck in hard. Firm face in no time. No need for botox, but you may want to make sure you aren’t using this at high elevations, if you’re a smoker, or asthmatic.

This is the Hourei Lift Bra, and it looks horribly uncomfortable. Its supposed to be a bra for your sagging face. It will hold up your drooping cheeks and help prevent unsightly laugh lines and jowl-age through the magic of gravity.

One size fits all.

It also totally wouldn’t be weird at all for you to buy these items for yourself. Not one bit. Do it. You aren’t getting any younger.