Giant Robot Goods: 12.10.12 – Post It Show 9 now available + Gift ideas!

giant robot


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Steps for ordering:

1. Review the SOLD-OUT artist list on our website.

2. Please choose your top 5-10 choice of artists in the comments section during check-out. You can request multiple post-its by a certain artist, but this will be based on availability.

3. The piece will be chosen randomly starting with your first choice of artist. If all the artist’s pieces are taken we will then choose a piece from your next artist of choice.


- If all your choices end up being sold-out, you will be contacted for possible exchange or refund.

- No pictures can be provided of which post it is chosen.

- There is a No Returns Policy from the moment artwork is purchased.

- The show is cash-and-carry. Art will be shipped upon purchase.

- Keep up with our Twitter for announcements on additional post its and more!


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