Singapore Spitter

Commutes can make people angry. This guy got angry at two women he felt cut in front of him in a line to board a bus at a big public transport station, although witnesses say he was the cutter. While they waited for the next available bus, he raged. From the video it looks like he tries to fart on one woman (twice), and when that fails him, he spits in her face (twice).

He gets pretty ridiculous in front of a lot of onlookers, and public transportion workers of some sort, but they’re pretty ineffective.

The Straits Times reported that police were investigating the incident, but he’s been arrested already and now faces sentencing. Singapore gained “news of the weird” notoreity when word got about its fines and punishment for spitting in public and inappropriately disposing of chewing gum.

Singapore is one metropolis that Banksy and his publicity machine are likely to avoid for any public stunts. The last foreigner sentenced with vandalism in Singapore was Michael Fay. He got caned (only a little bit) and no one cared. Caning is also dished out for visa violations.

The comments from Singaporeans in response to angry bus rider are pretty harsh. They are calling for caning, lifetime jail sentences and beheading. Others are reacting a bit more reasonably though.

No caning planned for the spitter, no beheading either, but he is going to have to talk to some therapists and work on his anger issues.