House Foods BCD Soon Tofu Package

House Foods BCD Soon Tofu. This isn’t exactly instant although it’s packaged like a ramen package. It’s not boil and serve freeze dried ramen except with tofu. This is a refrigerated package that contains a small box of tofu and a package of sauce that you mix with boiling water. This is official BCD branded Soon Tofu that you can make at home in minutes. For those of you who want to know, BCD is a chain of Soon Tofu shops in LA’s Koreatown and in Korea.

There’s no additional packages of dried mushrooms, meats, or condiments. You can add whatever you like. In the photo below, it’s carrots and dumplings. It could have been cheese, beef, chicken, fish or even bacon. You can pick and it tastes like how you’d hope – with a lot of body and richness.

Thanks to Mr Dean Gojobori.