kozyndan Art Opening #tmas5

kozyndan Art Opening Reflections - Tell Me a Story 5

After more than 10 years of art exhibitions which translates to over 250 exhibitions if I include our SF and NY locations, there’s no need to be nervous. Yet less than 24 hours before the kozyndan exhibition opening, the uneasiness began. Waking up, my first thought was about the exhibition. I went into GR2 early to clean up and set up for the day. Everything was fine after a couple of hours. At 12, my thoughts were about the 6:30pm opening. At 2pm, same thing. At 4pm, I was already in my car to drive 5 minutes just to be there on time. I parked and waited.

Why? Maybe it’s the lead up to the exhibition. kozyndan are old friends. As far as the shop and gallery, they’re among the longest running. I want the evening to turn out just right – whatever that means to people. For some, it’s to see a display of their latest work. For others, it’s the chance to purchase something. Then there’s the throng of old friends – some GR and many of kozyndan. The evening cruised like it was a reunion. People walking in with hugs and words of “congrats”.

Liz Ohanesian, a friend and writer in Los Angeles, asked me questions for a piece, including the story of the young kozyndan walking into Giant Robot as students. She followed with questions about their development and then to the greatness of what they’ve become. I introduced her to kozyndan for more questions and then she followed up with a photo of us in the doorway of the gallery. I heard Dan in his exclamatory, yet quiet voice say, “history!” The flash went off, my nerves went away, and the night was grand.