GR2: Stories Reception

Stories Exhibition at Giant Robot 2 featuring great artists: Edwin Ushiro, Sean Chao, Martin Hsu, Jen Tong, Jeni Yang and Tessar Lo. Thanks for coming out and thanks for the support. We’ll be posting the art online perhaps as soon as Monday.

R0010709 R0010708 R0010707 R0010706 R0010705 R0010704 R0010702 R0010701 R0010700 R0010699 R0010698 R0010697 R0010696 R0010695 R0010694 R0010693 R0010691 R0010690 R0010689 R0010688 R0010687 R0010686 R0010685 R0010684 R0010683 R0010682 R0010681 R0010680 R0010679 R0010678 R0010677 R0010676 R0010675 R0010674 R0010673 R0010672

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