The District and Silver Spring: Asian Latino

At the Natural History Museum, the Moai is one of the cooler object I saw. Where did they get it? It was purchased in the 19th century and was one of the heads which were toppled over. I wonder if they has a bottom half still buried?

Here’s why we are here. The Asian Latino outdoor event in Silver Spring, MD. Music, images projected and people in a public space. Kids ran around, people talked and the locals checked it out. It’s also happening tonite with the artist’s work that Shizu and I picked. There is also a projection on a building across the street and that’s what Shizu is checking out.


Here’s the text that describes the event.

Afterwards, Amsterdam Falafels hit the spot.

An intersection?

Artists Cards! I’ll try and bring a bunch back.

Asian taking a picture of Asian.

Eduardo Diaz and Konrad Ng – Smithsonians. Eduardo’s origami tie is too cool.



Earlier in the day (selfie) ran into Maya Soetoro-Ng randomly. The Monument is in the background covered in scaffolding.

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