Giant Robot Goods: 7.30.13 – Theo Ellsworth artwork now available online!

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Areaware – Cubebots

Wooden Cubebots! From a cube to a bot. Play with the limbs to create any pose you can imagine.

Jeffrey Brown – Cats Are Weird and

More Observations

Cartoonist Jeffrey Brown’s drawings perfectly capture the humor and quirkiness of cats in all their strange and charming glory.

Suehiro Maruo – The Strange Tale of

Panorama Island

On a remote and mysterious island, one man builds a playground of hedonistic excess – a backdrop for his decadent feasts, orgies, and dark secrets.

Flat Bonnie – BatBun SDCC 2013 Plush

Flat Bonnie released this SDCC 2013 exclusive for Giant Robot’s booth. Edition of 10.

Hilda Hufalar x GR – Handmade Robot Plush

The talented Hilda Hufalar handmade these Giant Robot logo plushes special for SDCC 2013!