West LA Obon 2013

This year, origami happened. I think this can be expanded a lot more in the future. We’ll see what happens. The feature is still the Bonsai. A year later, they look just as good and just about the same. I guess that’s the idea. The tree below is amazing. The dead wood juxtaposes nicely with the living parts. How did this happen? The typical question: “How old is this?”


Blueberry imagawayaki is always great. I need to learn to make this at home. It’s pancake type mix with blueberry. It’s simple if you have the tools. It’s made in a griller! They also make chocolate chip and red bean.

Another view of the trees. Put on Rush, The Trees and pretend you’re one inch tall and walking around.

That shot! Well this isn’t as good as my shot last year, but it’s decent. Obon in West LA is amazing and I’ll be sure to hit another Obon sometime soon. I still wonder why the food runs out so early on both saturday and sunday? I hope to get more involved in the Obon one day soon.