kozyndan dive deeper

Lots of Giant Robot friends have interesting passions. For kozyndan, it’s the ocean and all the things that live in it.  When they aren’t holed up in their studio cranking out artwork, they’re on a boat somewhere in a warm ocean, getting ready to dive in and swim with sea critters. The ocean has been their muse for the last few years, and the results have been lovely.

They just got back from opening up a series of shows for Australia’s Outré Gallery, and had a visit with local sea lions in Western Australia’s Carnac Island nature reserve.

Fellow traveler and underwater photographer, Tony Wu organized a trip that kozyndan joined and wrote about the sea lion colony that they hung out with. He also took this great photo of Dan having a chat with a new friend.

I love following along on their undersea adventures via Flickr. They’re seeing habitats that probably won’t be around, or won’t be in very good shape by the time I would ever get around to learning how to dive. Tony’s story of the sea lions is a sadly common one around the world.

Through their artwork, kozyndan capture the whimsical magic of nature through beautifully rendered images that make us take a longer look at the image, and then the world around us. There are warnings in their work sometimes – the destructive chaos of urban living, dwindling wildlife – it’s all worth paying attention to, and it makes for great vicarious living. Keep diving, kozyndan, and keep sharing what you find.