Art Thoughts: Digging Deth P Sun’s Digging

The moment I saw Digging by Deth P. Sun, it reminded me of the very tall Mongolian man, Bao Xishun who at 7’9″ was summoned to help pull pieces of plastic out of two dolphins in 2006. I’m sure Bao, who lives in a landlocked area far from a coast, would have never thought he would be a hero to two dolphins. But upon further research, I found out that an American basketball player, Clifford Ray who at 6’9″ used his long reach to pull a bolt out a dolphin named Mr Spock in 1978. Ray said that the dolphin seemed to understand something was wrong and was cooperative throughout. Ray also mentioned in the NY Times, “After that whole incident, whenever I would go to the park, he would always recognize me,” Ray said of Mr. Spock. “He would come right up to me without being prompted.” Aren’t dolphins stories are cool? As for Bao Xishun and Clifford Ray, they should meet one day and talk about their experience. I’ll nominate myself to moderate.

I’m not sure what Deth P. Sun’s Cat is doing to the wolf like animal. Perhaps the relaxed eyes and demeanor tell it all. The animal seems knows there’s some kind of extraction going on, just like the dolphins.