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You thought online dating in LA was hard? Try being a single guy in China.

You thought being a single guy in China was hard? Try being a dead single guy!

China’s One Child policy has taken its toll on the straight male population now old enough to be goaded into marriage by eager parents. Chinese men are looking for foreign brides in the most non-traditional places. Even when they do find a bride, they still have to worry about authentic natural beauty. Dark days indeed.

Now, the plight of the single and deceased.

ABC News reports the sentencing of four grave robbers in  Southwest China’s Sichuan province. They were digging up dead brides for dead bachelors.

These matchmakers with dirt under their nails help broker “ghost marriages” for families who have lost unwed sons. In an effort to help their lost boys keep from wandering this earthly plane in search of “the one”, they marry them off to unwed girls who have met similar fates.

The moral of the story: the toughest thing of all is being a woman in China. Alive or dead.