Martin Hsu is the Ultimate Ghibli Otaku

Martin Hsu, friend of Giant Robot, talented artist, toy designer, animator, and world traveler just visited the ultimate Totoro fan’s dream house and has given us all a virtual tour!

Satsuki and Mei’s house was painstakingly built as a real-life replica of the house that is very much a Miyazaki character, as part of EXPO 2005 in Nagoya. The theme of the Expo was “Nature’s Wisdom”, and what Studio Ghibli film captures that theme in the most open and accessible way than My Neighbor Totoro?

I adore the way that Martin went through the house and shared it with us, even including dramatic re-enactments of scenes from the film. Most awesome re-enactment still goes to Tiny Iron Fists though… total commitment.

Dig in to Martin’s tour, and then re-watch the movie for the millionth time to bring it all home. Better yet, watch it again with someone who has never seen it and share the love!