Reading, Writing and Waterboarding

There are Tiger Moms and Dragon Dads, and then there are just guys who shouldn’t be allowed to raise kids, like this guy, Mr. Yoo of Seoul, Korea. The Korea Times reports that he was waterboarding his kid for having bad penmanship, but it sounds like Dad tried to drown his 9 year old son, after beating him didn’t seem to get the message across.

Another Mr. Yoo approved of waterboarding back in 2001. John Yoo, of the Department of Justice during the Bush Administration, was one of the authors of the “Torture Memos” giving the green light for waterboarding and more at Guantanamo. Not all Asian Americans in government are awesome.

Big hugs to Korean kids who get half-drowned by bad dads, and to the detainees at Guantanamo. These guys are giving the Yoo Clan a bad name.