Merry Christmas (wrote this today)


Wrote this today. Merry Christmas!

There’s a mystery in Christmas
Tell me how did it all come to this?
and melodies we hear one time each year
that in the past meant presents
and being good to parents

isn’t it a wonder where the year has gone?
from the dying embers of december’s song

There’s a mystery on Christmas Eve
How did it it all come to this?
with shopping malls and airport crawls
we bicker quicker with the ones we
Love, for some, for me, for you,
for all of us who’ve lost a love or two

for some, for me, for you,
for all of us who miss someone,
don’t you?

There’s a history in this revelry
Break ups, Baking, Ultimatums
Drunken end of send-off parties
Open Bars and Scarves and too much food…

Wonder how we came to this, don’t you?
You know?

Long ago
in Christmas snow,
we fell and sang and made some angels

Some of us have angels of our own
on loan until they earn their wings
while things from past Decembers hold warm memories
we kindly fan the kindling of what next year might bring

There’s a mystery
and you’ve got me
enraptured til the last gift
is unwrapped here
and melodies from the past
now mean I’m glad you’re here.