Six Degrees of J.Otto

The only reason why this celebrity baby is “news” is because it’s a living tribute to the work of Giant Robot friend and inspiration J.Otto Seibold. Olive, the Other Reindeer is one of his brilliantly illustrated creations and a “new” holiday classic. His work graces the pages of over a dozen wonderful books – pure J.Otto creations and perfect collaborations with other authors. Barrymore got lucky and had a chance to voice his character, so it’s only fair she name her first born after it in exchange.  I just want to see more press about Olive’s *real* creator!

We last saw J.Otto at GR2 for Jottobots, an art show and debut of yet another collaboration, a great looking video game created with Kyle Pulver. It was a fun night, and great to have his work on the gallery walls, painted and digitized.

J.Otto is always busy creating, community building and collaborating. Bay Area folks can find him at art and book fairs around the neighborhood, and you can keep up with his latest work and appearances by being his friend on Facebook. He’s been rocking an excellent series of sloths lately, sloths not yet ousted by tapirs from the “animals popular with artists” just yet.