Fried Rice skate deck by SGV

I dare you to say that you don’t like their rice. The SGV For Life crew’s commitment to spiciness, hardcore skateboarding, and the Chino-Latino connection that flavors the San Gabriel Valley is unquestionable, and so is their very first deck.

I got mine from my homie Tad Suzuki (a.k.a. The Working Man) who in this photo by Michael Clifford proves that the SGV is more than spicy enough for DTLA. You can get yours at select shops in the SGV (where else?) and allegedly Noodle Planet on Valley (!), as well as SGVforLife’s online store.

If you’re still not convinced that this is your next ride, check out the rad commercial on YouTube. Yes, it rules and it also features some footage from my friend, total ripper, and fellow TWM conspirator John Lee.

Committed to Spiciness