Not Robot Power/Greg and Sharon’s wedding zine

I apologize in advance for being the guy who puts up a blog about something cool that’s impossible to acquire. My brother getting married last week provided an opportunity for me to help make a print zine for the first time since Robot Power (the stapled-and-folded half issues between Giant Robot 17 through 21). The first couple of spreads had the ceremony program, thanks list, menu, and seating chart. After that, a full-on zine!

Serious Giant Robot readers will be familiar with much of the contents and vibe. It was conceptualized, designed, and laid out by San Diego artist and wedding speaker/guest Susie Ghahremani, who has been featured in the magazine and shown at the art galleries. Giant Robot readers will also be familiar with interview subject and wedding weekend contributor Goh Nakamura, who has also been in the pages of GR and performed at GR events.

Some features include Top Fives, recipes, a This or That chart taken from the shower, a quiz to see if you can identify my twin brother or me in baby pictures, a Jeffrey Brown-esque comic and Al Jaffee-inspired fold-in drawn by Greg, and even a mix tape for the newlyweds that you can listen to on Spotify (Side Greg or Side Sharon). This kind of stuff would only work for a couple that includes a GR contributor and Lounger.

Long live zines! Much love to Greg and Sharon!