Sweeter With Age

The elders of a company have value in Japan. Unlike in the US, where the youth are valued because they come cheap, have a shiny education and perhaps have higher cleavages, the elders know what they’re doing. As the population ages in Japan, this is what they’re faced with.

” In 2011, people age 65 and over made up 23.3 percent of the population. The ratio is projected to reach 31.6 percent by 2030 and 38.8 percent by 2050, government figures show. By contrast, in the United States, which faces its own aging demographic, the ratio is expected to hit 19.9 percent by 2030 and 21.2 percent by 2050.” (CS Monitor – Age)

It’s not always smooth sailing, there’s an age where, you’re done. There’s a forced retirement age, probably in place to cover everyone’s behind…