Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s been beyond heavy rain this summer, and now it’s typhoon season in Asia. This guy’s photo from Time shows he’s chilling, but by now at least 100 are dead in China, with lots of people missing and injured. Thousands are displaced from their homes, and there are massive amounts of property damage. Sad news from all over this side of the globe about the destruction and loss of lives and property.

North Korea is flooded, and lots of farmland destroyed. Just what they need, less food. The United Nations made a visit and are now calling for immediate and increased aid before things get worse. In Southern Japan 250,000 were evacuated with floods, landslides and more expected. July was the worst of the rains this summer. South of Seoul, one mudslide took out three hotels, killing 13. Now heavy winds and rain are doing their damage in the city center. The Philippines have taken major hits, from multiple typhoons. Pakistan just saw the heaviest rains in 65 years.

At the start of the summer, my Mongolian family had a “pray for rain and a bountiful summer” party with a monk facilitating the good intentions. The heavy rain here has been good, especially after years of drought, but in the ger districts of Ulaanbaatar, the rain meant mudslides and homes destroyed. At least a dozen died in July.

What does all this mean for the long term? Lots of efforts to recover with dwindling resources. Increased food prices, according to the UN food price index. Sigh.

Rough seas ahead. Don’t put away the inflatable furniture just yet.