JACCC CEO with a Criminal Past?

Does anyone care that a CEO of the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center has a Criminal Past and is probably on the run? It’s crazy to think that a person can leapfrog through a hiring process that included allegedly a gang of people only to be derailed by a Google using employee. It’s now on the LA Weekly Blog by Dennis Romero, who seems to dig true crime.

“This Facebook post by journalist Rachel Roh has tracked the situation and says Willis came in to his office in the morning, said … “”It’s been good working with you”; removed his personal items from his office and left the building, possibly for good. (LA Weekly – Greg Willis)

Where is he now? Does anyone care? Perhaps the French who convicted him of a list of felonies do.

Read the entire first post by Rachel Roh here. Also just added by The Rafu Shimpo.