Who in the world watches the Miss World contest?

This year’s Miss World contest, 61 years old now, is the longest running international beauty pageant. This year it was held in the apocalyptically modern city of Ordos in China’s “Inner Mongolia” region. The 2013 event will be held in Indonesia. I’m sure the bidding process puts the IOC’s to shame – bribes, girls, nasi goreng, and Swarovski rhinestones flying.

International media had/has been incorrectly reporting that the competition was held in Mongolia, but Ordos is China. It’s been an “Autonomous Region” of China since the early 1900′s, but the Chinese tourism bureau will encourage you to come to Ordos to experience Mongolia. Weird, but there it is.

Here’s what you missed while you didn’t even realize the Miss World competition was happening:

  1. Miss Fiji wore a fancy Princess Mononoke-esque owl costume and danced around in it.
  2. Miss Malawi body-checked Miss New Zealand for standing in her spot. Hardcore.
  3. Miss Nepal is a perfect multi-culti Barbie doll. Who knew?
  4. Suspicions of corruption are afoot with host country’s  Miss China taking home the giant crown.  No way…
  5. Miss Philippines beatboxed her way to Ordos.  And her name is Queenierich.

You’re totally going to tune in next year now, aren’t you?