Richard Aoki: Named FBI Informant

We covered him far back in issue 10 of Giant Robot, which was an issue that was heavily dedicated to the Asian American Civil Rights “Movement”. On of the interviews was of Richard Aoki. He had associations with the Black Panther Party as it’s now coming out that he was also an FBI informant – one of the worst possible things to have been.

It’s all in print now in a book which is soon to be published, Subversives: The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power.

“In 2007, two years before he committed suicide, Aoki was asked in a tape-recorded interview for the book if he had been an FBI informant. Aoki’s first response was a long silence. He then replied, ” ‘Oh,’ is all I can say.” He was confirmed to be an FBI informant by a former FBI agent who provides more details.

Richard Aoki was known as a great piece of the puzzle of the Asian American movement in the later 60s and 70s and continued to teach and more. He committed suicide in 2009. We’re soon to hear more news soon.

(SF GATE – Richard Aoki)