Perseid Meteor Shower Visit

Perseid Meteor Shower – The time of year came back. Or did we go in time to get there? Sitting at Mt Pinos again this year was another experience. In the past, it’s been at best another car, but most of the time we’ve been up there alone. Last year was a wash out thanks to the moon and haze, yet I pulled off a nice photo. This year, there were many, even on a sunday. This is what I thought it would be like. I’m sure it was even better on saturday. I took photos and caught a few time streaks, but nothing major but the streaks were happening. The Perseid meteor shower didn’t disappoint this year, and it’s safe to say, it’ll be back. Will we?

Pics from 20112010

That’s our group below. A car’s tail lights lit the place up red for a bit.


This bright one was in the tree line.


A tiny streak on the right


People were using apps to locate Jupiter, Venus, and the many stars.

A tiny streak in the top middle.

Far right bottom.