More Info on The Trading Tortoise

We got a little more information on the Trading Tortoise. We’ve been asked many times, “what’s going on?” So I asked Souther a few questions. Here’s more info:

GR: Does it really stick to 50 trades?

SS: We can only do about 50 trades max, because of the time/space constraints of the project. We have short conversations with each person about their item, so that’s about the most we can do.  If more people show up with trades then we can get to, we encourage trading outside of the tortoise too.  When we are approaching cut off time (5pm), if there is still a line, we will just need to cut the line off at somebody.

GR: What do people need to do?

SS: We have printed tags for people to fill out about their item, before they sit down to trade with us.

GR: What are people getting or trading for?

SS: We are trading the things that people have brought to trade with us in all the cities we’ve been so far…everything from handmade objects, found artifacts, art, zines, prints, secondhand store finds, sentimental trinkets, childhood toys, homemade jams, mix cds, stories, etc ,etc.  It depends on what we got from the last few stops usually.  There are guidelines on the site, but the main things we can’t accept are things that are too big or too fragile for us to travel with.  We only ask that people bring something they think is special.