All Rook Same: Olympics Edition

This is what it feels like when your country gets the “all look same” diss on an international stage.  Moments before this photo was taken, this guy was on his feet, cheering for the North Korean women’s soccer teaming walking onto the pitch, next to a giant North Korean flag. That was before he looked at the massive screen introducing the players, portraits and names to the left of the SOUTH Korean flag!

Super bummer time. The North Korean team left the pitch for over an hour while North Korean officials reamed the Olympics organizers and demanded apologies, resolutions and gave them a reminder that “all look same” is no bueno for these feuding neighbors.

The blame is falling on the guy who produced the video for the match, but it seems like someone, at some point, should have caught the error. Doubtful it was some kind of political commentary on the unification of the Koreas… (BBC News)