A North Korean Love Story

Kim Jong-Un is in the driver’s seat now. Dad’s gone and he can date whoever he wants. He can go to see Disney musical shows, wear Swiss watches and drink Japanese beer. His time is now.

Analysts have spent the last few days trying to guess who a pretty lady (dressed like Laura Bush) is. She’s been seen beside him at several recent state events, and she bears a striking similarity to Kim’s ex-girlfriend, North Korean pop star, Hyon Song-Wol.

She’s know for her hits “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” and “I Love Pyongyang”. She fronted a band called the Bochonbo Electronic Music Band, but now spends her time hanging out with her old flame. Vanity Fair and NY Magazine are knocking her, and for some reason doubtful of her identity.

Read more about her, and catch her music video on the Daily Mail’s coverage.