Get Ready for BARA!

The word is finally out that PictureBox will be publishing the result of a collaboration between three GR friends, Anne Ishii, Graham Kolbeins and Chip Kidd all to honor and share the work (almost all of it never-before-translated into English)  of Gengoroh Tagame.

Vastly different in content, context and audience than yaoi (boys loving on boys) manga, this collection could significantly impact the current generation of American comics creators exploring subversive and erotic themes. Tagame’s work is known now in the US in small circles to express a masculinity and sexuality that is rarely represented. I love, on so many levels, that this project has been undertaken, and it will be interesting to see how PictureBox, a pretty hetero outfit on the whole, moves forward with it. Graphically and thematically, it’s a big leap for them.

Keep it on your reading wish-list. Graham has been passionate about Tagame’s work for several years now, and has always had an eye for the quirky but sincere. The proof is in his film projects, and in his Future Shipwreck pudding. Anne couldn’t be a better translator/producer of this project. She’s the smartest gay man that I know. Chip Kidd brings his clout, his design sensibility, quality control, and his passion for the hidden comic genre. All in all, this is a dream team that’s been assembled. Very stoked to see this go from conception to birth announcement!

Spring 2013. Save your lunch/bondage gear/Butt Magazine money and buy this.