K-Pop Dogghouse

Twitter’s 140 character limit can lead to so much misunderstanding and heartbreak. It’s destroyed the lives of politicians, movie stars, and people who should just avoid all social media while intoxicated. Poor Snoop Dogg is it’s latest victim… Misunderstood…

Snoop Dogg got in trouble for tweeting that Korean Idol group Girls Generation (who he performed on a track with not long ago) had “No Biscuits” just “legs and thighs”. Fans of Girls Generation freaked out. As defined by UrbanDictonary.com,  a biscuit is something good, something you want. Most interpreted “No Biscuit” to mean, “No Ass” which in today’s standards for hip-hop/pop beauty is a definite diss.

His PR/social media team quickly resolved the issue by re-defining “biscuit”:

Today’s lesson. from. Professor Snoop. Biscuits = ugly faces. My ladiez @GirlsGeneration. got beautiful faces. Legs n. thighs. No biscuits #ONELOVE & #REINCARNATED

– Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) July 10, 2012

They also put that fancy Instagram image together to illustrate his point with KyoChon, GG, Paris Hilton and biscuits with legs and thighs.

Whew!! Genius. Good save. Snoop, keep those people on the payroll!