Sunday GR Event Dave Kiersh Update

Update from Dave Kiersh:
I’ll have two super rare CBS Schoolbreak Specials from the 1980′s on view (I have them on DVD- you have a projector?)
Also, this cool 17 year old photographer named Cody Klintworth will be coming to take some photos (on film).
I can also read a short story from my previous book Dirtbags, Mallchicks and Motorbikes (a Xeric Award winner).
And I have a brief slideshow of some unpublished sketches/comics that goes along to music.
On Dave Kiersh: John Porcellino: “DAVE KIERSH is one of my favorites. I consider him a Great American Artist– his art addresses a uniquely American flavor of loneliness and desire, with his recurring themes of suburban, teenage anxiety, lust, “romance”, and desolation.”