Seeing the World News

Like a bunch of folks on twitter, I caught Lee Chang-hoon on KBS World News today. Very cool to hear what sounds like your average, professional and polished news anchorman, and see him reading from a braille news reader.

Korea is behind on a lot of things when it comes to accepting difference, but I’ve always been impressed with the way that they have integrated the needs of the visually impaired into daily life. It’s an effort that’s apparent, but probably still has a long way to go. Regardless, this is a huge step forward, and it would be great to hear about other major television networks around the world following suit!

The Korea Times as well as the The Korea Herald wrote about him when he made his debut last year.

In the meantime, while Lee keeps moving up the professional ranks at KBS, I’ll be following the story of the Mongolian Paralympian who will be representing Mongolia in judo.  By day he works at a felt making company (creating felt for gers) and in the evenings he trains for the Paralympics in London. Totally rad. These athletes are an inspiration.