Giant Robot Podcast: Uglydoll David Horvath

David Horvath and his wife, Sun-min Kim created Uglydoll on a whim. It did begin at Giant Robot store in LA as the story is told, out of love letters back and forth across the Pacific. After they met at art school in NY, David stayed in the US and moved back to Southern California, while Sun-min moved back to Korea after 9/11. She handmade a doll from one of his tiny drawings on the sides of his letters and now over 10 years later, Uglydoll is a massive enterprise with a feature animated film movie deal. David frequents Giant Robot in LA and is a long time friend and collaborator. We’ve covered Uglydoll over the years and watched it grow – even working on events such as Uglycon – a convention based on Uglydoll. In this podcast with David, we cover topics such as Uglydoll’s growth, character creation, the film, what’s next, and more. It’s a podcast that’s over 45 minutes in length and if you’re into creating anything, this is a must listen.



That’s David Horvath below with his art piece for Game Over.



That’s Sun-min Kim on the left.