Monk on Wheels

Daeung Sunim is a Korean Buddhist monk who is currently biking across the Americas, starting in Canada. He’s there now, traveling from coast to coast, headed down into the US (coast to coast) and then down into South America. Not a lot out there in English of his own words as to why he’s making the journey, but he’s doing it, and he’s brave. According to the articles on some Buddhist websites, he’s doing it to “test his spirit”.  Always a worthwhile endeavor! He has a blog, but it’s in Korean. Check it out for his own photos and thoughts about the trip… in Korean.

He speaks very little English and no Spanish. In true monk style, he’s letting fate (and a GPS device) decide how it will all come to pass.

A friend he made in Canada is helping him find lodging and food along the way, but it’s one guy reaching out to strangers. He’s set up a Facebook page for Sunim, so you can follow his journey and help it  along if you’re able. Looks like he needs extra help in South America.

Pass the story along to your bike/Buddhist/Korean/traveler/good karma kind of friends and maybe you can become part of it!