GR2: Ed Lin Workshop


Ed Lin’s new book, One Red Bastard is out and he’s touring Southern California doing readings. Gladly, his first of two stops at Giant Robot included a workshop. In dubious form, he didn’t release any information on how it would work. It was a fun time. If you’re at home and want to write a book, here’s his exercise. A) Write about the room you’re in. B) Write about a person with a problem C) write about how he tries to solve the problem but it only gets worse. D) Write about an entity that comes in and helps solve the problem. E) Then back to yet a new problem that arises. That’s the building block of creating a story. It was also Ed Lin’s Birthday. He turned “7″. He’ll be back at GR on friday at the Tongue and Groove event. What will Ed read? It’s another great question.


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