It’s a Sad Small World

Kim Jong-Un is plodding his way along to become a benevolent leader. He went to the Mangyongdae Funfair and scolded the staff for letting the park become neglected. There’s great video of him bending over and plucking blades of grass out of cracks in the pavement and looking bummed out.  He says it’s an insult to the people.

To me it looks just like every other Soviet era created children’s park. We have one here in Darkhan. Peeling paint, carnival rides that haven’t been operated in years, chips in the giant fiberglass and plaster animal slides, but the people still come. Not so much in Pyongyang I imagine. Looks like the only time it gets any action is when a group of foreigners have paid through the nose to get the VIP tour.

Story from The Telegraph and NHK.