Mongolian Presidential Predicament

This kind of thing doesn’t happen in the US… a president with questionable ethos gets arrested before sunrise in a very well armed, well documented, heavily helmeted raid. This is a minute-by-minute video from outside of the compound. It was a standoff… so it lasted a while.    Former Mongolian President Arrested

The cherry on top is the ex-president being hoisted up in the air, shoeless feet (with socks on) sticking up from the melee. He didn’t go without a fight. Mongolians, like most Asians go shoeless at home, and the police plucked him from his swanky hideout filled with his personal security and his posse just before dawn. Accused of corruption while he was in office, he ignored multiple requests to come in for questioning about his activities while governing a country during an important time in its emerging capitalist era.

Now lets see what happens… some people think he’s to blame for the economic struggles of the majority of Mongolians while a small handful flourished. Other people are behind him to govern again, now for the opposition party. Parliamentary elections are coming up… People are pissed.

Sound familiar?