Write Up of Films After 3.11

A write up about films about 3.11 including Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, Pray for Japan, but the writer does leave out the Shunji Iwai documentary, Friends After 3.11 (this is the link to our review). (NY Times – Films 3.11)

The Oscar nominated Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom showed at the SFIAFF and although it’s a short, it’s a powerful look at the events that transpired. At first it was a distraction to see an angle of Cherry Blossoms, since it’s juxtaposition felt trite, but their beauty added a layer of hope and something to look forward to. Yes, in 2011 there were no mass drinking like in years past, but the cherry blossoms provided more of an observation of the flowers. Sad stories, a ray of hope, it’s a very grand look at lives after the quake and tsunami. It’s hard to slam or say much bad about a 3.11 film. Yes some are better than others, and some will tell the truth or even distort them, but as an event, all real documentation matters.