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Write Up of Films After 3.11

A write up about films about 3.11 including Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom, Pray for Japan, but the writer does leave out the Shunji Iwai documentary, Friends After 3.11 (this is the link to our review). (NY Times – Films 3.11) The Oscar nominated Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom showed at the SFIAFF and although it’s a short, it’s a powerful look at the events that transpired. At first it was a distraction to see an angle of Cherry Blossoms, since it’s juxtaposition felt trite, but their beauty added a layer of hope and something to look forward to. Yes, in 2011 there were no mass drinking like in years past, but the cherry blossoms provided more of an observation of...

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GR Film Review: Friends After 3.11 – Shunji Iwai

  It’s hard to write about 3.11 from this side of the planet. I watched the horrors on television, Ustream, and Twitter just an hour or so after attending an after event for an exhibition by James Jean, where I stood when I heard about the quake and tsunami. Like 9.11, you’ll remember what you were doing and who was around when you heard, and like with most, I experienced the devastation virtually. Living just a few blocks away, I’ve known filmmaker Shunji Iwai for a bit over a year as he was working on projects outside of Japan. He often discussed his life in America that didn’t include a need to work in Japan any time soon. Over many...

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