Walk – Single


Here’s a new tune I wrote. Actually wrote it on a walk to the coffee shop one day, just speaking words into my phone as they came into my head… pretending like I was having a conversation with someone.

This song was sort of an experiment, I wanted to write it away from an instrument… starting with words. I usually sit around with a pen and paper, but I found that the left/right rhythm of feet against concrete gets my brain going. When I get to the coffee shop, I sit down with a cup of joe, jot stuff down. Then I walk home, humming revisions or new ideas.

I made this video yesterday, walking the same route as I did when I wrote the song in November. I tried walking my cat on a leash, but he wasn’t having it. There’s some footage of my friend’s home/studio in San Juan Bautista, where I recorded it. The video’s like a little commercial for the song, which you can purchase Here