Korean Male Pro Golfers


South Korean pro mens golfers have slowly made it out of the shadows of “here today, gone tomorrow” as we’ve seen with plenty of faces who pop out like a turtle’s head. In 2012, there’s 11 male professionals following the “Seoul Sisters” who have near dominated professional golf.

From the NY Times, “At a time when South Koreans had scant confidence in their economic might, Pak became a sport’s gold standard. Led by her 25 tour victories, South Koreans have won 101 L.P.G.A. titles since 1998, including four of the last seven United States Women’s Opens. This year, 42 of the L.P.G.A.’s 128 international players are from South Korea, which has fewer golf courses than South Florida.”

Aside the well known KJ Choi are many including a youngster, Seung-Yul Noh, who at 20 is a rising star. At 41, KJ Choi isn’t the lone Korean male, although he was the pioneer who opened the doors to the possible dream. It’s amazing to see how one ethnicity can push into a certain pro sports field and actually have it take root. (NY Times – Korean Pro Golf)