Comfort Women Posters Put Up in Japan

The posters appear to similar as the one that got put in as a full page Wall Street Journal advertisement by singer and professor in Korea. This article by Japan Probe goes on to talk about both sides. A) the event that happened during war time B) the Japanese responses including what reparations were paid.

From Japan Probe, “When the comfort women issue gained international attention in the 1990′s, the Japanese government decided that it was a special case. Despite the fact that the previous treaty had legally settled the reparations issue and despite the fact that South Korea had paid compensation to the women, measures were taken to provide additional aid to former comfort women. Directly paying reparations would violate the 1965 agreement, so the Japanese government instead established the Asian Women’s Fund to raise funds and deliver compensation payments.” There’s plenty more and it’s also nice of them to mention that their article isn’t meant to belittle the suffering of the “comfort women”.