GR2 the Rebuild

I grew up around tools since my father worked in construction. A kitchen because my mother owned a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean I can build or cook. It just means that I’m comfortable with the processes after watching them use powertools and knives. Somehow it’s in me to use these objects although I’m limited in exactly what I’m doing. It just flows fairly easily.

Step one for the rebuild of Giant Robot 2 (GR2) is to breakdown the shelving unit. The beautiful and creative units that were build 8 years ago. It had to come down, mostly by force. It was build custom to fit the space using great materials, but the disassembling became a demolition job. Using a crow bar, we ripped the shelves apart, trying to save whatever pieces of wood we could. While my father was out, it was my turn to break it all down. The cool thing is after the shelves came down, there was a wall already built. Now we just have to move it, put in a door, new drywall, and it’s done. It’s bolted to the ground, which is a great thing, but not as good when it needs to go up and over. Today, the plan is to get this done.

While my father isn’t here today, I get to clean up. Pull nails out of the wood pieces, unscrew the screws, and sweep. It sounds like the crappy part, and it is, but imagine if someone stepped on a nail. The entire job would be delayed. I used to complain at his construction sites when I was much younger because I was the garbage kid and stuck doing this type of job, and now it’s a pleasure making sure no one gets hurt and the job goes smoothly.