Asian SAT scores and grades faked?

On the heels of the news that Chinese students who are 1/5 of the foreign students in the US, and taking spots from good Asian American students is a small bomb of news. What kind of safeguards exist for those overseas students who are getting into decent schools in the US? According to Global Post, “A 250-student survey by Zinch China, a Beijing wing of the California-based Zinch education consultancy, suggests college application fraud among Chinese students is extremely pervasive. According to the survey, roughly 90 percent of recommendation letters to foreign colleges are faked, 70 percent of college essays are ghostwritten and 50 percent of high school transcripts are falsified.” The article goes to say that the agent who takes care of the grades and or test scores earn thousands when the student gets into the bigger schools. Yes, it’s not that easy to get into a school and even with large sums of money for tuition, the grades still count. (Global Post – Students)