NBA’er Wat Misaka on Jeremy Lin

It’s awesome that Jeremy Lin is on the NY Knicks, but… from the first Asian American in the NBA to the most recent, you’d think Lin would contact him back! This is a story you almost don’t want to hear, but might as well know about.

From ESPN:

“Misaka said he hasn’t met Lin yet, but he once tried to get in contact with him. When Lin was signed by the Warriors in 2010, after going undrafted and playing well in the Las Vegas summer league, Misaka wrote him a congratulatory letter to wish him good luck.

“He didn’t know me, but I thought that he might have heard about me and maybe would get a little encouragement from words from me,” Misaka said. “I’m wishing that he gets some playing time and gets some fans out there excited about a local boy kind of making good.”

Misaka never heard back from Lin, but he would like to add one more word of encouragement: “Ganbare.””

A meeting or photo op will happen one day especially after the ESPN mention. Wat Misaka keeps it classy regardless. (ESPN – Misaka)