Mazda 2 in Kermit Green

A green car pulls up with a driver sporting a big green. It’s a Mazda 2 in “Kermit Green” as the driver called it, but it’s actually called “Spirited Green” and stands out like none other. When I heard I was getting a test car, I pictured black, silver or maybe red, but it’s a metallic green! I’ll apologize in advance since there’s a lot of you out there who need a functioning car like this. I actually already have one, but I’m getting the opportunity to drive this Mazda 2 for a spell so I can tell you what I think. I’ll update the mini adventures of where this car will take me. So far, the response by everyone who has seen or heard about this vehicle, is the two words, “Zoom Zoom”. It’s manual so it has a bit of pep. I haven’t driven a stick shift in years but my skills haven’t diminished.



Of course the first voyage was to La Isla Bonita taco truck in Venice. It’s safe to report that eating tacos in a car that can play mp3s off an iPhone is quite nice. This car only has 3000 miles. I hope I can put another 1000 on it.