The Tomb of Christ is in Japan

The Tomb of Christ is in Japan according to a town in northern Japan.

From the Japan Times: “The pamphlet goes on to explain that, according to this testament, Christ first visited Japan between the ages of 21 and 33 (the Bible does in fact skip over large periods of Christ’s early life, and many theories exist about what he did in the intervals). The document claims he studied the native language and culture before returning to Jerusalem, where he was crucified.”

It goes on to say that He later came back to Japan and lived to be 106. It’s a tourist attraction in a town of 2800 where there’s only 1 Christian who outs it all. Ironically, the rest of the town are the ones who keep the story in tact. If you can’t believe this story, then what can you believe? UFOs? That happened too. (Japan Times – Christ)