$172,000 Violin Found

It’s not priceless like it says, but why did I think the person who lost it was Asian? Muchen Hsieh left her violin on a bus ride. The cool thing? The cleaning crew found it and reported they found it. The question is would the finder have turned it in if they knew it was worth $172,000? The violin was made by Vincenzo Jorio in Naples from 1835 and on loan for a Taiwan Conservatory. Either way, I’m glad she got it back, but the news story went so far as to cover the violin player (who unfortunately gets massive double chin with the fiddle under her neck) but didn’t bother getting a peep out of the finder. That may have been telling and great. The thought process: Asian girl who attends a high end music school… yes. Cleaning crew member… no. Merry Christmas.