Giant Robot Store Kool Things – Clare Rojas and Notebooks

Daily Picks


Clare Rojas book and Moleskines and Memo pads.

Everything Flowers. Clare Rojas lives in San Francisco and plays a banjo and records under a pseudonym, Peggy Honeywell. Her art is a mixture of soulful folk with a mix of contemporary stylings. This book is beautiful and simple as well. ($22.95)



Moleskine Sketchbook. After you get immersed in art, what’s left to do, but draw. This sketchbook is a classic, the paper is great for pencils and pen and many other drawing utensils. It is perfect. ($18.95) We have other Moleskine products as well – here.

Petite Note Books are cute and classy. 3×5 and lines with 40 pages, it’s the perfect notebook to keep in any bag, car, or large pocket! Three colors. These are imported from Japan. ($1.75)